-----------------Longer Life Diet and Tips-----------------

This can occasionally be broken if you are really hungry or really craving something like a pizza. What’s listed below is a list of foods and supplements which I’ve read should be best for optimal health and life extending abilities, as well as a diet plan fairly close to my current plan when I’m not being homeless and have refrigerator availability. This must be adhered to the majority of days though to hopefully experience weight loss, as well as the overall health benefits that are said to extend out life longevity for you.

Since this is only a plan, it switches up, however I have taken years and years of refining foods I eat and my plan so that hopefully it works to provide optimal vitamins, fibers, amino acids without use of protein powders I used to think I might need, etc. These all apply to me the way I have them layed out, so I don’t know if these things would be right for everyone considering what they may or may not be able to eat themselves. Knowing that, here ya go:

Foods I Suggest Eating Most of the Time

1.     Garlic powder – stimulates NRF2

2.     Green tea – stimulates NRF2. Also, contains tryptophan, a necessary amino acid. These also inhibit the MTOR pathway.

3.     Cinnamon

4.     Iodized sea salt

5.     Plain chicken or chicken added to healthier foods. Right brand of chicken nuggets is also easy prep. and decently healthy.

6.     Grapes and berries - resveratrol

7.     Peanuts or walnuts – peanuts have resveratrol. Both have omega 3s

8.     Blueberries (frozen ones in largest bags and at about 4oz per day are best costs) – increases heat shock protein 70 (hsp70) in the brain, which is said to help work against the onset, and maybe a possible preventative to Alzheimer’s. These inhibit the MTOR pathway.

9.     Salmon – Omega 3s

10.  Tuna – Omega 3s

11.  Fishsticks – needs to be a healthy type

12.  Eggs (I usually hard boil mine to save on using a microwave every day, i.e. slight energy saver) – Omega 3s

13.  Fat free cottage cheese

14.  Whole grain bread (sugar free and high fructose free if possible – nature’s own usually)

15.  Dark chocolate powder or something with dark chocolate

16.  Peanut butter (brand I use currently is Jif with omega 3 that includes dha and eha in it) – omega 3s no matter what, but this one adds fish oil.

17.  Tomatoes

18.  Lean beef on occasion, but not too often. - L-Arganine which is also good for males by helping simulate and maintain erections

19.  Chicken has C0Q10 in it, but need to eat a fair amount of chicken to get enough. Slight ALA in it, but less than beef

20.  Extra virgin olive oil – can increase life span by 20% from where you are at now whatever that span is

21.  Green pepper

22.  Cayenne pepper

23.  Rosemary

24.  Turmeric – stimulates NRF2. This item also inhibits the MTOR pathway.

25.  Grapefruit – caffeic acid, which is an anti-inflammatory

26.  Yoghurt with lower sugar, along with bifidum and acidophilus cultures

27.  Fat free milk

28.  Black beans/refried black beans

29.  Cereal – half the serving size of Kellogg’s Smart start is best I’ve found so far

30.  Okra or spinach – high vitamin k and supposedly having higher amounts by natural ways vs. pills is likely to cause no problems

31.  Oregano

32.  Red wine vinegar

33.  Rice of the right type (some white rice are actually fairly decent at what they provide vs. brown)

34.  Water

35.  Cucumbers

36.  Broccoli or Alfalfa Sprouts – stimulates NRF2 by way of sulforaphane

37.  Ginger

38.  Caffeinated beverages – of the right types, caffeine is another inhibitor of the MTOR pathway. Coffee can be good for you in this way, but can act in a different way that caffeine in other products (in my experience)

My Diet Plan


1.     25mg DHEA pill (7-Keto is better if you can find it anywhere) – Helps inhibit MTOR (?) path which if inhibited enough, can make an old cell new again in cell reprogramming.

2.     Acetyl L Carnatine

3.     200mg COQ10 w/ Qsorb or 50mg 100mg Ubiqionol, aka COQH

4.     60mg ginkgo biloba

5.     B50 Complex

6.     450mg saw palmetto

7.     200mg Panax Ginseng (Not officially from list trying to follow, but no bad interactions so far, and moreso to help with energy more)

Wait 30 - 45 minutes

8.     4oz plain non-fat yogurt or half a container of something like Great Value light yogurt

9.     ½ cup Kellogg’s Smart Start

10.  Cinnamon

11.  4-5oz peanuts or walnuts

12.  1tbs extra virgin olive oil

13.  4oz blueberries

14.  2 Eggland’s best egg with omega 3’s

15.  Cayenne pepper, but don’t overdo

16.  Some form of dark chocolate, but I prefer dark chocolate powder

17.  1/2 cup (4oz) of fat free milk

18.  8oz (1 cup) white tea (must be young leafed) – green tea if white is not available

19.  10-15 minutes of deeper breaths and forceful exhaling with a clear mind (Meditation). Take time.

20.  15 minutes exercise

21.  Shower

Lunch – make a salad out of most of ingredients

1.     Turmeric

2.     Dill pickle slices

3.     Cucumber slices

4.     2 cups of bagged spinach

5.     Jalapeno slices

6.     ½ tomato to a whole one

7.     No fat cottage cheese

8.     Fat free salad dressing and be gentle with it (still has high fructose corn syrup in them)

9.     4oz broccoli (I don’t follow this one well because broccoli just isn’t all too great with me.)

10.  1 slice of bread

11.  ½ of a grapefruit

12.  8oz extra lean ground beef or 80/20 if low on money, but preferably something chicken. It is better for you and still provides good things.

13.  Sunbathe naked somewhere for about 15-20 minutes – 10 minutes on each side of body

14.  Water

15.  1 single aspirin – helps to also inhibit the MTOR pathway.


1.     30 minutes of exercise in the late afternoon as the sun is lowering if outside exercise. Can be split into two 15 minutes.

2.     Shower

3.     2 cans of Bumblebee Tuna (Alternate to burrito with fish sticks)

4.     Just a little bit of iodized sea salt

5.     4oz non-fat refried beans or a ‘chicken’ burrito of the right brand or homemade, or just something with chicken in it that is made healthy.

6.     Garlic powder

7.     5 Fisherman’s fish sticks

8.     Little oregano

9.     Horseradish (Similar family as garlic)

10.  Some form of dark chocolate

11.  ½ cup (4oz) of fat free milk

12.  8oz (1 cup) white tea (must be young leafed) – green tea if white is not available

Before Bed

All of these should be taken around the same time with little time in between each one:

1.     10-15 minutes of deeper breaths and forceful exhaling with a clear mind (Meditation). Take time.

2.     15 minutes of stretches again

3.     8-12oz Red Wine

4.     5mg melatonin pill – only if can’t get to sleep naturally by 4am

Helpful pointers

Keep a positive attitude (I do really bad at this these days the further away from my mother’s passing that things get.)

Stay Calm (same thing here)

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