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All of this research was done for my own personal benefit. During the time of making, I was doing it only for myself so that I would understand more on these things since I was going through all sorts of spiritual changes and all at the time. Therefore, I did not really make any real note of where things came from, although there are a few spots where I added in references, but they were mainly done up to be reminders to me without being seperate from the writing itself. This paper never did get completed, as I switched over to trying to learn how to extend my life out, and with any luck, indefinitely someday. I also learned enough to pretty much kill most of the religious side of religion side of me to consider it less important than striving for earthly immortality. This paper, done in my note to paper style took about 10-12 years overall, so doubtful that I would personally be able to find the references all over again. It was also originally done up as about 3 seperate researches, but I figured I could tie them all in together. Alot of this writing has been written by me personally though as well after I learned enough to put things in to my own words more. If you find things that you wish to be referenced, then contact me from the index page, and give me proof of the things you want to be referenced. Otherwise, happy reading!

Who is under God's (Yahweh's) rule?

    Anyone who wasn't a Jew was a Gentile and Jews were the chosen people of God. Gentiles were accepted by Jesus, and therefore by Yahweh for those who believed in what Jesus taught and said of Yahweh. pure. Any Gentile or Jew would be under this god's rule. All people came from the same place originally, and therefore would make all people a Gentile or a Jew in some way, therefore a person could look beyond the act of labeling and see that this was a god over all people. This same god is represented in many different ways amongst other religions that sprouted out from what’s known as paganism today, and was around at the earliest recorded history. Therefore, it is possible to say that all groups historically had the same god and by this, also the same creator. The name of this supposed god/creator became mixed up with a god named Yahweh eventually, however neither one is actually God.


So where did the name Yahweh come from for God and why is he above the rest?

    Originally, many different groups worshiped many different gods, typically with idols setup to worship. Yahweh, as far as I've been able to find with the furthest history I've found predating Greek times, started out with the Sumerian priest Abram (Later Abraham) fled the sacking of his town by the Jewish (Hebrew/Israelite) Tribe of Levi and settled among the other eleven Jewish tribes living peacefully in Canaan around 1960 BCE, he brought the Sumerian worship of Baal and Asherah to the Jews (Hebrews/Israelites) that lived there. Abram had been a student of a man named Machiventa Melchizedek who brought teachings of a single god. Abram was Sumerian though, and the Sumerians worshiped multiple gods and made sacrifices to them. He was originally only halfhearted in recieving what Melchizedek had to teach about one god and prophecies of the so-called Jesus. Eventually though, Abram made an agreement with Melchizedek.


    This started to come together when Abram began to envisage the conquest of all Canaan. He worried about who would succeed him as ruler of the proposed kingdom though. He conferenced with Melchizedek on both ideas and it was in the course of this that he persuaded Abraham to abandon material conquest and temporal rule in favor of the spiritual concept of the kingdom of heaven. Melchizedek explained to Abram the futility of contending with the Amorite confederation but made it equally clear that these backward clans were certainly committing suicide by their foolish practices so that in a few generations they would be so weakened that the descendants of Abraham, meanwhile greatly increased, could easily overcome them. Melchizedek made a formal agreement with Abram then. He told Abram to look to the heavens and number the stars if he could and told him that the numbers of his offspring would be comparable. Abram believed Melchizedek, and it was counted to him for righteousness. Melchizedek then told Abram the story of the future occupation of Canaan by his offspring (Jews/Hebrews/Israelites) after their sojourn in Egypt. The agreement made during the conference was the earth's agreement between divinity and humanity whereby God agrees to do everything and man only agrees to believe Yahweh's promises and follow his instructions. Heretofore it had been believed that salvation could be secured only by works—sacrifices and offerings. Melchizedek again brought to earth the good news that salvation, favor with Yahweh, is to be had by faith. However, this gospel of simple faith in Yahweh was too advanced. The Semitic tribesmen subsequently preferred to go back to the older sacrifices and atonement for sin by the shedding of blood. It was not long after the establishment of the agreement though that Isaac, the son of Abram, was born in accordance with the what Melchizedek had told of. After the birth of Isaac, Abraham took a very solemn attitude toward his agreement with Melchizedek, going over to a place called Salem, the place where Abram had originally began to learn under Melchizedek, to have it stated in writing. It was at this public and formal acceptance of the agreement that he changed his name from Abram to Abraham.


    Moving on forward in history, a man named Moses had heard of the teachings of Machiventa Melchizedek from both his father and his mother. Moses's father-in-law was a Kenite worshiper of El Elyon, who was the Yahweh that Melchizedek had originally told of, but the emancipator's parents were believers in El Shaddai. Moses thus was educated an El Shaddaist; through the influence of his father-in-law he became an El Elyonist; and by the time of the Jewish encampment about Mount Sinai after the flight from Egypt, he had formulated a new and enlarged concept of Deity (derived from all his former beliefs), which he wisely decided to proclaim to his people as an expanded concept of their olden tribal god, Yahweh. Moses had endeavored to teach these Bedouins the idea of El Elyon, but before leaving Egypt, he had become convinced they would never fully comprehend this doctrine. Therefore he deliberately determined upon the compromise adoption of their tribal god of the desert as the one and only god of his followers. Moses did not specifically teach that other peoples and nations might not have other gods, but he did resolutely maintain that Yahweh was over and above all, especially to the Jews. He was always plagued by the awkward predicament of trying to present his new and higher idea of Deity to these ignorant slaves under the guise of the ancient term Yahweh, which had always been symbolized by the golden calf. The fact that Yahweh was the god of the fleeing Jews explains why they tarried so long before the holy mountain of Sinai, and why they there received the Ten Commandments which Moses promulgated in the name of Yahweh, the god of Horeb, which were originally really along the lines of the commandments that Melchizedek originally gave. During this lengthy sojourn before Sinai, the religious ceremonials of the newly evolving Jewish worship were further perfected.


    It does not appear that Moses would ever have succeeded in the establishment of his somewhat advanced ceremonial worship and in keeping his followers intact for a quarter of a century had it not been for the violent eruption of Horeb during the third week of their worshipful sojourn at its base. "The mountain of Yahweh was consumed in fire, and the smoke ascended like the smoke of a furnace, and the whole mountain quaked greatly." In view of this cataclysm it is not surprising that Moses could impress upon his brethren the teaching that Yahweh was "mighty, terrible, a devouring fire, fearful, and all-powerful." Moses proclaimed during this time that Yahweh was the god of Israel, who had singled out the Jews as his chosen people; he was building a new nation, and he wisely nationalized his religious teachings, telling his followers that Yahweh was a hard taskmaster, a "jealous God." But none the less he sought to enlarge their concept of divinity when he taught them that Yahweh was the "God of the spirits of all flesh," and when he said, "The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms." Moses taught that Yahweh was a promise-keeping God and that he will not forsake, destroy, nor forget the agreement that was made with Melchizedek and Abraham because the Lord loves you and will not forget the oath by which he swore to them. Moses made a heroic effort to uplift Yahweh to the dignity of a supreme deity when he presented him as the "God of truth and without iniquity, just and right in all his ways." And yet, despite this exalted teaching, the limited understanding of his followers made it necessary to speak of Yahweh as being in man's image, as being subject to fits of anger, wrath, and severity, even that he was vengeful and easily influenced by man's conduct. Under the teachings of Moses and his ability to mix the teachings of Melchizedek along with his beliefs and these Jews's tribal nature god, Yahweh became the God of Jews, who followed them through the wilderness and even into exile, where he was conceived of as the God of all peoples. The later captivity that enslaved the Jews in Babylon finally liberated the evolving concept of Yahweh to assume the monotheistic role of the God of all nations.


    All in all, the single god, was being preached of even during the time of the Sumerians and possibly before. It was passed from Melchizedek to Abram (Abraham) to Moses to the world, however changing from El Elyon according to Mechizedek into Yahweh, the construction of Moses as a way to teach the Jewish slaves of Egypt of the single god above all things including other gods which they had been worshiping. The original single god was just that, whereas Yahweh was a mountain god originally concieved by people. The fact that he has been preached as the single god for so long is what places him at the top of anything's existence and that it just can't be proven otherwise. Moses's teaching mixtures were also a reason for why a mountain god became above all the rest.


Who was Melchizedek?

    To start with, Melchizedek is not so much a name as it is a title or designation of honor. It is a position or office that has to be filled by a worthy candidate. The term is a transliteration of two Hebrew words, melek and tsedeq. The Hebrew melek means king and tsedeq means righteousness. Therefore, the term "melchizedek" means literally, "king of righteousness." Because a king is always preeminent in his jurisdiction, Melchizedek had to be preeminent in righteousness. He had to be the "king" of righteousness. Complying with God's commandments defines righteousness. Melchizedek was a priest and a king. He carried with him also the name of the king of salem, which means the king of peace and had said himself that he was like the son of God. These names can only be carried by one person due to the fact that according to what created a righteous man was keeping the commandments and no man could actually do so according to the scripture that says all have fallen short of the glory of God. Also, Jesus was the son of God as well as the king of peace. Therefore, it is fairly safe to say that Melchizedek was God in a different form than he would be in the future when he became Jesus.


What things did Melchizedek teach?

    He taught seven commandments, which were alot like the ancient comandments of Dalamatia and also like the commandments of the supposed first and second Eden. They would later become part of what many people consider to be the ten commandments from the bible, although they arent the comandments for present day persons. The following are the seven which Melchizedek preached and which were carried down through Abram to Moses to people of today who still follow them.


    •    You shall not serve any God but the Most High Creator of heaven and earth.

    •    You shall not doubt that faith is the only requirement for eternal salvation.

    •    You shall not bear false witness.

    •    You shall not kill.

    •    You shall not steal.

    •    You shall not commit adultery.

    •    You shall not show disrespect for your parents and elders.


    These were followed even before the time of Mechizedek. They make fairly good sense in order to try to keep peace. There were many other commandments though that previous people had to try to follow and failed. The torah is one of the only books which still has all the commandments given from the time, including the real ten commandments, which total a little over 600 different commandments overall.


    Melchizedek also taught of another who would be like himself, and it was himself. He foretold of his own coming back to complete the law, which was basically all the commandments, and abollish them in such a way that would save the world eventually. He taught of a single god, who was himself.

What are the real original ten commandments?


    •    Take heed to thyself, lest thou make a covenant with the inhabitants of the land whither thou goest, lest it be for a snare in the midst of thee:

    •    But ye shall destroy their altars, break their images, and cut down their groves:

    •    For thou shalt worship no other god: for the LORD, whose name is

    •    Jealous, is a jealous God: Lest thou make a covenant with the inhabitants of the land, and they go a whoring after their gods, and do sacrifice unto their gods, and one call thee, and thou eat of his sacrifice; And thou take of their daughters unto thy sons, and their daughters go a whoring after their gods, and make thy sons go a whoring after their gods.

    •    Thou shalt make thee no molten gods.

    •    The feast of unleavened bread shalt thou keep. Seven days thou shalt eat unleavened bread, as I commanded thee, in the time of the month Abib: for in the month Abib thou camest out from Egypt.

    •    All that openeth the matrix is mine; and every firstling among thy cattle, whether ox or sheep, that is male. But the firstling of an ass thou shalt redeem with a lamb: and if thou redeem him not, then shalt thou break his neck. All the firstborn of thy sons thou shalt redeem. And none shall appear before me empty.

    •    Six days thou shalt work, but on the seventh day thou shalt rest: in earing time and in harvest thou shalt rest. And thou shalt observe the feast of weeks, of the firstfruits of wheat harvest, and the feast of ingathering at the year's end.

    •    Thrice in the year shall all your men children appear before the Lord GOD, the God of Israel. For I will cast out the nations before thee, and enlarge thy borders: neither shall any man desire thy land, when thou shalt go up to appear before the LORD thy God thrice in the year.

    •    Thou shalt not offer the blood of my sacrifice with leaven; neither shall the sacrifice of the feast of the passover be left unto the morning.

    •    The first of the firstfruits of thy land thou shalt bring unto the house of the LORD thy God. Thou shalt not seethe a kid in his mother's milk.


Who was Jesus, the man Melchizedek talked about?

    Jesus was God, or more or rather God was Jesus to be more precise, just as he was Melchizedek. They were two seperately created fleshes, fullfilling two seperate rolls in a sense, however both of them having the same God being the controller of both. Jesus was the form of God who God himself in the form of Melchizedek had taught would come and fullfill the law and be a saviour to the whole world. He was born to Mary and Joseph, however was not visited by the wise men as the bible tends to say they did. He lived thirty-three years, and taught for three of those. He was mocked, beaten, etc. and placed on either a pole or a cross for being who he was. The purpose of God in this form was to have that happen. The form of flesh, Jesus, died and the blood was the attonement for all people to be set free.


What did Jesus preach about and do?

    He taught about God's love for people and the fact that everyone is short of fullfilling all the standards that God had originally set, which these people were known as sinners. Jesus taught that He taught that he must suffer and die though and about the importance of the old laws all being a part of his plan to fulfill the law and to make it where it would no longer be the judge, but under a few small conditions. Those conditions were to first believe in what Jesus had done and by doing that, understand the purpose and of his love as God. The second was to love God and everyone else as one's self. He taught this love to many people and taught that it should be continued. He healed people and cared for everyone.


What changed because of Jesus?

    Jesus was the later form of God. He came as Jesus for one reason, and that was to save people from the old laws which had been made, including the ten commandments that weren't the real ten commandments but were related however to the ones that God as Melchizedek taught. Jesus was to die on the cross so that his blood would be the attonement of forgiveness for all people and allow them to stop having to make sacrifices, but only under one condition, and that was that they believed in Jesus, that God was Jesus, and believed in the purpose. Also, the fact that all people are hopelessly in what has been termed "sin" was another reason for it. Too much blood was being taken and too much life and too many people couldn't follow the rules perfectly. So, when he got put up on there and bled, that did away with all that. Many modern day christians still think that these older commandments must be followed perfectly in order to be saved due to Jesus's actions. This is not true. This can be seen in atleast three different spots in the bible.


    The first one is in John 3:16 ... 'whoever believeth in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life'. To say otherwise would be calling God and what he did as Jesus, a lie.


    Now, the next instance of proof is the criminals who were on the other two crosses at the sides of Jesus ... One of them didn't accept belief at all, however the other one did. That one had been a criminal his whole life and done bad things, but the very moment he said he believed, Jesus accepted him right away and said he was saved. So, therefore there is another misunderstanding which many modern day christians do not look at.


    The next thing which can be pointed out that I know of, is that in the bible states that there will be homosexuals, liers, etc when the time is getting close for this return of Jesus/God to the earth, according to Revelations. Now, according to actual christianity, it would only be wrong for someone to be these things and not believe in God and what he did with Jesus. Why is this? If there weren't any of those people, then again God would be being called a lier, therefore it must be necessary for these things to exists, and the ones who do it are actually in the right. Imagine this also though on this, if everyone was perfect, then we would all be the the same, and on top of that, we would all be posing as the God that is said to be above all.


     Finally, it has been said and proved that Revelations was actually written at a much later time than the bible itself, therefore suggesting that someone was apparently just out to cause trouble for a lot of people who do no wrong in all actuality, therefore allowing the idea of a loving god, like the form of Enki, Jesus, taught, to still be viable, instead of a vengefull one/self.


    All in all, Jesus came to change many things and to bring truth into the world on matters such as these things and to spread love, etc. and to make this the base of the peoples’s civilization.


What are some other names that Jesus (God/Melchizedek) has been called due to who he is and what he has done?

    The almighty, beginning and the end, life, son of God, son of man, etc. All of these are rather interesting, and the son of God and man is a little confusing. If Jesus was created by God, then that makes him that, however he was also part born of a human female, therefore making him son of man as well. One of the more difficult things to understand about what is preached by some is that God was Jesus. If you look at the fact that God had the ability to create different forms of the flesh at different times which he himself would be inside of... Melchizedek and Jesus, then it is much easier to understand this concept. These, as well as many more not mentioned here all have their interesting points. No matter the name though, all are generally associated with some type of immortal body, which this God of many names and ability to be multiple forms throughout history had. One of the more fascinating that came about in history that included these concepts though was the name Messiah, which came to mean dragon between the Egyptian word and the word the Hebrews (Jews) turned it into.


So, what exactly is an immortal body?

    The immortal body is a body which exists beyond the current flesh and bones that we have. It is a spiritual type body for us normal beings on the earth, and is the true self in both nature and appearance. According to the Astral Planes website, after we have shed our physical body, most of us reportedly wake up in our immortal body. The spirit body is not the same as the material body. Many people, when they pass over, do not even realize they are dead even though they are in their spirit bodies. After death, the body given is made to travel with the mind. It unbounds the person from the material world. For a christian person this could be a little different considering the seperations of heaven and hell. Once outside of the material world, it is said that if one wants to go to the beach, they just think ''beach'', and they are immediately there and the body is basically forced to follow the mind. I can't say though because I have not died. However from my thoughts, according to tv programs and books that speak of near death experiences, it is one physical realm that still requires walking, although acquiring desired and needed things is no longer a problem. Some people believe that the immortal body can be obtained before death, or atleast gotten in touch with. Most of these people can generally be associated with groups concerened with achieving something known as the Great Work of alchemy, while others are just individuals who work hard in their own ways for anything which may produce an effect eventually, whil even others rely on modern day religions to help them gain it. I feel that it might be possible to gain them if the right situation was produced with pretty much any environment, people, etc. The bible mentions getting them before death in Revelations, and I do have something from a Brian Huie that atleast tells about the christian version. I will list it in just a moment. As a side note though, I have also been reading on the Great Work also though to up my knowledge of different things, however it more fits into my magick research page than on here for the time being, so you can read up on that later if you desire. Now, here is the christian version of attainment of the immortal bodies for normal people:


    According to christians today, a person must have accepted Jesus (been saved) before the rapture or during and before the following seven year period is over. Those that were saved and die before the rapture will go through a last learning phase. Those that remain alive and remain will have to learn the same lesson that the saved dead learned. That will take 1260 days. The people that accept during and before the seven years is over will be healed to the point where their current physical bodies could live up to 1000 years. They will enter a 1000 year period, which afterwards they will recieve their immortal bodies. All of the people who accepted before the rapture and recieved their immortal body will rule with Jesus over the universe.


What are the different types of immortal bodies?

    There are six general types, each divided into several other different groups within their own categories that I will not fully get into. The following list gives the various different types of immortal type bodies:


    •    Ghosts - These can communicate spiritually. When they lose their way and start taking energy from living things then they become vampires.

    •    Humans - These are like any other humans but can avoid illness and live extremely long lives.

    •    Earth Immortals - No needs for food or shelter. Some of these are known as dragons who are accumulating virtue, ie moral excelence and quality.

    •    Spiritual - Generally have supernatural powers and can dissolve into energy.

    •    Celestial - Can leave this world and enter into the spirit world directly.

    •    Lesser Immortals - Normal beings which eventually shed their bodies and go off into eternity. Their path eventually leads to transform the physical body. This is what most people on the earth have the possibility of becoming, if not already. Some of these are dragons and do have to go through the same process to get to get their immortal body.


Did people ever have immortal bodies also and what happened to close us off from them?

    In christianity, it was when Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden. After it all happened, there was a veil that was placed between God and man. That veil was flesh acording to Brian Huie. Flesh is something that is not allowed in the spiritual realms according to the bible, as well as a few online sources I have read over that were not Christian. The belief that many people adopt, christian or not who believe in an afterlife, is that there are bodies there, but they are made of other substance or of light rather than flesh like what is seen on the earth. Any one who believes that there is any other body aside from the one we are in now, should know that the flesh we have now is different from whatever we will have later.


    Now, interestingly enough, there has been suggestion that by the creator’s introduction of different dna into man, this actually allowed for an energy to come into man to produce a continuation of him in a different form after death, and this is one form of the immortal body. There is another way to look at the same situation though and actually combine it with the new concept. That new concept is that by the dna placement, that allowed for the continuation of our creators and gods in a sense, therefore givingthem immortal life, and both of these abilities to create spirit and flesh through flesh and spirit were given to man, therefore allowing them also to have immortal life. The catch to this story though is that God actually goes beyond the physical realm we know of, and the creator spoken of in this story, the dragon Enki, has been mixed up with the reality of God being outside the realm of our existence, however, if we do go back to what we learned earlier, that Enki would be Jesus as well to a degree, and both were God, then it would have made this story possible if God had materialized into life either as Enki, Jesus, or whoever.


So, what is the story behind the dna version of the seperation?

     Basically, the story behind the dna is that the 'gods' (supposed gods of which God had also materialized to as Enki) decided to mix dna with man in order to use them for something. Two individuals were placed behind the main process of making things happen. A little while later, Enki tried to teach man and give them knowledge and the angels/demons had possessed previously. Enki was also given the title of man’s creator. One of the gods was not happy about this, Enlil, and because of this, and the fact that he had been appointed the head of the gods, Enki and his followers were banished and sent to stay among the people, where they then intermingled with the women of the earth, in-turn creating what became known as the nephillum, a more physical representation of the gods due to their own seed being placed into women by whatever sexual deeds.


So, what is the story behind the christian version of the seperation?

    "And the Whisperer (NoHHoSH, a suggester, sorcerer, serpent) was more intelligent (GHoRVooM) than any living thing (HHYaH, animal of life) of the field (surface of the earth) which Jehovah of Powers made. * * * And the Whisperer said to the woman: "No dying shall ye die; for Powers knows that in the day of your eating from it your eyes shall become seeing and ye shall become like Powers knowers of good (perfect things) and evil (imperfect things)." * * * And the eyes of both of them opened and they knew that they were all-knowers (GHaRVOOMeeIM, plural of GHoRVooM; they had become "serpents," "cyclops"). * * * And they heard the voice of Jehovah of Powers going about in the breeze of the day, and the Earth-Being and his woman hid themselves from the presence of Jehovah of Powers in the midst of the Tree of the Garden. And Jehovah of Powers called to the Earth-Being and said: 'Where thus?' and he said: 'Thy voice I have heard in the garden and I feared because I am an all-knower (GHIRouM or GHoRVouM, the words are pronounced alike) ; and so I hid myself.' And He said: 'Who told thee thou shouldst become an all-knower (GHoRVouM)? If, from the tree which I bade thee not to eat from it, hast thou eaten?' And the Earth-Being said: 'The woman thou hast given me, she gave me from the tree and I ate.' And Jehovah of Powers said to the woman: 'What is this thou hast done?' And the woman said: 'The Whisperer deceived me and I ate.' And Jehovah of Powers said to the Whisperer: 'Because thou hast done this, cursed thou art above all animals (BHeMoH) and above every living thing (HHYaH) of the field; on thy belly shalt thou go (belly-wards, impelled by hunger; he shall starve in Hell, where there is nothing but feces) and feces (GHoPHoR, dirt) shalt thou eat all the days of thy life.' And unto the Earth-Being he said * * * 'Cursed is the Earth for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat (from) her all the days of thy life. And thorns and thistles shall she cause to grow up for thee, and thou shalt eat the vegetation of the field (surface of the Earth). With the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread until (the time of) thy returning into (the center of) the Earth, for from her thou wast taken (as an infant) ; for (now) feces (GHoPHoR, dirt) thou art and into feces shalt thou (i.e. thy body) at last be changed (return) . ' * * * And Jehovah of Powers said: 'Behold the Earth-Being! He became like one of Us for knowing good and evil! Now lest he put forth his hand and take also from the Tree of Lives and shall have eaten (i.e. continue to eat) and live unto the World's age!" And Jehovah of Powers sent him away from the Garden of Eden to cultivate the Earth from which (as an infant) he was taken. And he drove out the Earth-Being and he caused the cherubim to dwell at the beginning (center) of the Garden of Eden, and the flame of the self-turning sword to watch the way of the Tree of Lives."


What is a dragon?

    A dragon can be one of a few different things according to the history of man. They are made to be good, evil, or neutral, whether by story or by occurrence in life, and man is who has placed them into their categories. By default there really is no evil or neutral, only good, although it is a different version of good than what most people think about. Anyway, this is covered later. For now, back to what a dragon is. The dragon has been used as a symbol of prosperity and luck in some cultures and are generally considered powerful in mind and spirit. This can be seen in stories, as well as some of the real life situations having to do with them. Their physical abilities are highly impressive, and many are invulnerable to ordinary weapons, again atleast in the books. A dragon is sometimes said to be the perfect creature, in a sense an ultimate being, a god... It has an astounding appearance, large wings, colorful scales, sharp claws, and atleast in books, a deadly breath. According to history though, a dragon can be an ancient spiritual force, something outside the material world. It can be a man who attains spiritual knowledge and power, such as a priest with the power to heal. There is also a mythical meaning of what a dragon is, which makes them into enlightened, reptilian-like creatures that typically have wings. Lastly, there are lizards on the earth which people sometimes refer to as dragons.


    To get started, the actual word dragon came from the Greek word drikanna, which means three-fold watcher, a watcher being an daemon (a guide/messenger/angel) sent to instruct mankind in righteousness. Before that, they were known as seraphim, meaning firey serpent, and before that they were known as siri, which simply means serpent. The word dragon itself means large serpent. It has been labeled by some cultures as a fallen angel, a universal mind, a lord of wisdom, a guardian of the gates between heaven and hell, a guide to immortality, and a creator of the universe. In the book of Enoch, which came before Genesis in the bible, they were archangels which later became fallen angels at the time of their supposed descent from Mount Hermon.


    Now, a dragon as an ancient force however, would be something like a leader who swayed the thoughts and power of a nation and led them to prosperity, victory over others, etc. One specific type to use as a reference here would be the Egyptians. Their pharohs were often annointed in crocodile fat to become a messeh, which means crocodile god. That word was later changed to Messiah by the Hebrews, which meant dragon, and they used the dragon type illustrations rather than any necessarily that the Egyptians had come up with for their term, crocodile god. An example of the use of this word now formed by the Hebrews would be the man, Jesus, who during the time they had basically stolen the word, was not in the world yet and had not been named specificaly other than Messiah. Anyway, he was their king of spiritual forces who would lead and govern his followers of God, and on top of that he would go off into a new life and show the them the way to a life even after death. Moving on, we extend this out more in order to show man as a dragon.


    Man as a dragon, metaphorically speaking, would be someone having high spiritual knowledge. Again, Jesus is a very good example. According to the things that a dragon has been labeled, Jesus was all except for a fallen angel. Jesus was God. God is said to be in the hearts of minds of all, so therefore Jesus was a universal mind. God knows all the wisdom of everything, therefore Jesus was also a lord of wisdom. God created Heaven and Hell, so Jesus was a guardian of the gates in a sense, although he suposedly has another tending to the gates for him. God's form of Jesus allowed him to teach of immortality and acceptance into eternity as well as bring the ability to existence to all, which therefore made him a guide to immortality as well. Finally God is the creator of the universe, which makes Jesus the creator as well, and if one uses the word messiah as the word representing Jesus, and Jesus is God, and God created the universe, then you now have the dragon as the creator of the universe, which is something that some myths have suggested, so now you know it is true. Also, since we have now proved this, and people are all the creation of God, and we are said to be created in the image of God, that must mean that every person has a little bit of this messiah, this dragon in them. So in this case we are all dragon children in the symbolic since, therefore again providing an example as man as a dragon, as well as dragon as spirit. Whether or not it is awakened is a different story.


    Moving on, dragons, as in the typical style of what you might find in fantasy books and even moreso to a realistic idea of any existing dragons now since we've proved what we have in the past two previous paragraphs, are said to be very good, very spiritual, and powerful. They typically either consists of an elongated body with a tail to match, or if speaking of a so-called western dragon, a body more like that of a man mixed with reptilian, slight mammal, and generally have four legs, a tail, and two wings. Their tale goes as far back as Sumerian beliefs. They started out being called siri, meaning serpent. That was later taken down the line by the Hebrews and made into a word that meant firey serpent. That word was later taken and changed a little bit, but still having some reference to the Hebrew word as well as back to the Sumerian word. The new form was seraphim, which this word and all before it stood for a type of angel that God (creator dragon) had guarding the throne of heaven. The Greeks later took the word and made a new one, drikanna, which was then even in later days transformed into the word dragon, which has recieved negativity in the overall world since the change from Hebrew to Greek. All in all, it is probably safe to say that the seraphim were large firey serpent-like creatures, dragons.


    Now we are at the earthly type dragons, the type people have given that name to, although the creature's actual name is different. They are mainly termed dragons by many people because of their size. The types are, Komodo, a middle unknown, and then another called megalania prisca. The Komodo dragon is also known as a monitor lizard. They are found mainly on the island of Komodo. Komodo Island is near one of the eastern countries like China and Japan. The Komodo can grow up to 3 meters, or 10 ft, in length. They eat a wide variety of animals including some that are much larger than themselves. There have been reports of them attacking/kiling people before. There have not been too many of those reported though. The next type of earthly dragon I do not remember the name to unfortunately. It is a species very similar to the Komodo. The one main difference between it and the Komodo is that it can grow up to be just slightly larger than the Komodo. The third type is called megalania prisca. It is an even larger and older relative of the previous two. It is/was able to reach lengths of 25-30 feet. It is currently thought to be extinct, although there have been stories of sightings in Australia. It is a lizard that would be large enough to ride if a person were to ever try and tame such a creature. It, like all of the smaller lizards named as dragons on this earth, do not have fire breath nor wings.


Are dragons evil?

    No, dragons are not all in al truly evil. For one, the things we've already been through on the word messiah automatically makes some good. Also, remember the verse at the top of the page that meant nothing is really bad unless someone finds it to be themselves? Well, that applies now. If looking at it from a more historical point of view though, there a daemons that will help and there are daemons that will cause trouble. Daemons are spiritual guides, so therefore pretty much anything helpful for the frowned upon actions in man or for the not-frowned upon actions could possibly be considered a daemon. We however are looking at this from more of the realistic sense, so the word daemon can be used to mean the present day word, angel. There are basically good angels and there are bad angels, depending in what direction of help they provide. The seperation between the two is sometimes referred to as light and dark, night and day. No matter what, they all seem to have the same faults as what man does. They have been shown in both ways in stories and movies, as well as legends and historical documents. The physical dragon appearance has been known to be a type of angel, a type of fallen angel that became followers of Lucifer, who was a satan. The word satan used to mean a tester of men sent by God, possibly mean guardian over heaven, possibly meaning guardian of the gates, possibly meaning guarding against who gets in. Now Lucifer used to be a helper of light, a good daemon, an angel of God, before he was cast down. He has been known by many other names throughout history aside from just Lucifer: Samael, Shaitan, Satanail, Shamsiel, Samsapeel, Samiel, Set, Satan, Azezal, Abadon, etc. Before the Holy Roman Church changed the name to Satan to mean something slightly different than the original meaning while trying to push Catholicism as a single religion, Satan had stil been seen as an angle of God, that tester of men by God, still one of the siri/seraphim/dragons of Heaven which fortified the thrown of God.


    Now, going back to the story of Adam and Eve earlier on this page and then the point where Lucifer was supposedly cast down to the earth, he supposedly was cast out with about 1/3 of Heaven, other seraphim for reasons unknown at this time due to the fact that his status has changed over time and he would seem more as a tester of men at the moment rather than necessarily the big bad devil that he has been placed as, although he has been to blame along with his followers for that time with Adam and Eve. Anyway, his followers were then placed as demons(present day word meaning bad angels/bad daemons/non-helpful daemons;hurtful) with him. Now, Lucifer is a seraphim, which is a dragon, which was proved by the previous paragraph. This means that the word demon must make reference to dragons as well. The word demon has gone through some changes throughout history itself also to get to its present day wording, just as Lucifer and his term of Satan has, both words of which were coined by the Greeks during the time the Holy Roman Empire was going through its "cleansing" process. The word started out being daimon. It then changed to daemon, and then eventually to demon. You can see how much of a change in representation this word made as well, like the word satan did. Daimon and daemon both are defined as a type of guide. Therefore the word demon is meant to mean in all actuallity, a type of spiritual guide, and according to what it was meant to reference, it means a type of non-helpful/hurtful spiritual guide. The chinese have referred to these as Djinn which means fire spirits. So, once again, by putting al this information together, we can again see the seraphim coming to play as their firey serpent selves, since these demons are supposed to be seraphim in the first place. So, from this, demons are Satan’s workers who are typically non-helpful/hurtful towards men for a positive purpose and who follow the Satan, who is a tester of men sent by himself/god/Enki still. Satan and his workers are seraphim which came from a larger group of seraphim which had a different agenda for man, seraphim are dragons, Satan is Enki, Enki was a creator of man, putting dna into man, therefore actually causing man to become a type of continuation of the demons/angels/seraphim family line, therefore technically there is no good and there is no evil. There is really just misunderstanding and judgement and the following verse taken fro the bible says similar that there is no true good or evil: “I know and am convinced by the lord Jesus that there is nothing unclean of itself; but to him who considers anything to be unclean, to him it is unclean.” Romans 14:14


    So, all in all, we can conclude this section now by saying that dragons are NOT evil. People make them out to be evil occasionaly, but in all truth, they aren't. Some just do things which are unnacceptable and generally frowned upon/judged.


    I can now say that I have put my time's worth into this and have been rewarded with all this wonderful knowledge that is no longer a puzzle for these things. Dragons are real, technically one created the universe, they arent evil, we all are endowed some with dragon inheritance in the metaphorical sense and some in the literal sense too. Lucifer is still good in his own twisted sorta way, as are his seraphim followers even if they are stuck down here with us normal folks and normal folks with literal dragons on the inside. We learned a little of why there are spirits on the inside of people such as dragons, a little of what they are, and what they are like. Also, we’ve proven that in the furthest origins of true religion, according to history as well as religious history, that there are multiple gods and/or their remaining spirits.


So, what is magick?

    Magick is the application of spiritual knowledge and power to transform the self and percieved realities, usually through meditation or ritual. To extend on this definition, Jane Roberts said "You are given the gifts of the gods: You create your reality according to your beliefs. Your's is the creative energy that makes your world. There are no limitations to the self except those you believe in." Basically, whatever you think, can be. Anything is possible. It has also been known as witchcraft. It is a by-product of the search for truth and is the development of total will in the search for ultimate knowledge. Magick is specific to each user, so none is ever truly the same. It is mainly set on the evolution of human consiousness and union with the Higher Self, which has many names from different parts of the world and time periods. The names are Elder, Ancient One, One-Who-Is-Many, Daemon(guide) by the Greeks, Genius by the Romans, Holy Guardian Angel by Jews and Christians, Familiar Spirit by witches. Yoga teaches that one who identifies with the gods of his culture will develop magical powers, while a person who pursues the inner source of these powers will transcend the differences that seperate men of one belief from those of another.


Where does magick come from?


    The three following questions are what supposedly brought about magick:

    •    Where did man originate?

    •    What is his present condition?

    •    What is his ultimate destiny?


    They caused man to search for something deeper with himself. Magick used to be in mind, but it somehow got seperated from people in the past somewhere. After the breakup, arguments pursued over who was right in their magick endevors, so religions and science schools were started to bring together different groups for their beliefs and the personal idea of magick use became null. All religions and sciences branched off from that and nowadays have pretty much pushed all magick in their world out, but even still atleast the science portion can't explain things such as ESP, psychic healing, aura photography, out-of-body experiences, survival after death, etc.


    The real story though, is that magick has been around even before these questions were asked. Magick was something that was naturally occurring and considered controlled by a higher being or beings. As time went on though, there was a seperation between two types of magick. There was originally just magick, but then there became low magick and high magick. High magick became considered an internal working and that it would cause the person to be elevated from the inside out. By this, any prayers/spells a person would do was supposedly greatly increased in its workings. Low magick is simply magick that is more concentrated on a low level effect.


What is its history on how it got spread to other places than just the eastern continents?

    Magick doesn't truly have a real history. It has been mainly followed in the same ways since the earliest recoverable writings that either tell of magick or place it into an instructional sense, along side other writings of miracle/magick works which christians also used to follow. Technically, the bible was the reason why magick came to christians in its wattered down word of miracle. Both move from Sumerian times all the way up to modern day, various offshoots of originals simply expanding some on them.


    To start with, the Sumerians were one of the oldest known civilizations and the first to keep historical documents in the form of clay tablets engraved with cuneiform script telling the story of creation and of their culture. From what tablets were left, there was the Enuma Elish (A different version of the tale of Genesis), epic of Gilgamesh, story of someone named Ishtar's descent into the underworld, information on the home of the Annunaki(Nibiru), and a revised view on some facts of history(Ki-Amum). Some of the tablets contained various stories of healing through magicks and invocations to perform various things as well. They were also the very first civilization of any sort to begin use of the pentacle (Pentagram)


    Later, through a little biblical reference, as well as through various books and things passed down by people by mouth through the ages, the magick of Solomon and the tales of his greatness as a magician that had control over demons came to be. From this point on, most actual magick orders that came to be operated off of this type of magick. It was used much in the Free Mason orders, the Golden Dawn orders, as well as modern day Wiccan orders which have taken from the other listed orders that had already expanded their magicks on top of Solomon's magick.


    Next after Solomon came the Free Masons. From this order which kept many things secret and still do to this day, came the men who would create the order known as the Golden Dawn.


    A man named Mathers had gotten his magick from a man in Britain who had used a form of angelic magick, which was most likely magic from Solomon. Mathers took what he learned and expanded on it and with two other lead men, created what was known as the Golden Dawn. An Aleister Crowley joined one of the temples at some point and quickly advanced in it. Crowley grew distasteful of the pretentious dealings between many of the members, and of the fact that many were initiated for no other reason than their "worldly prosperity." The details of ritual and magical doctrine that Crowley continued to propagate, however, were intimately connected with his beginnings in the Golden Dawn. Through his seperation from the Golden Dawn, the next magick order of modern day came about, the Wiccans. There was a smal offshoot of the Golden Dawn called the Rosicrucians, which were considered myth for a while and then very popular for a time and just kind of died away, although there are some groups modernly that will claim to be of them.


    The Rosicrucians were simply a mystic Christian organization that may, or may not have "existed" in the strictest sense of the word. Any historical links between Rosicrucianism and the Golden Dawn seem to be much less important than the fact that many members of the G.D. have been and are in touch with the "soul" or egregore of the Rosy Cross.


    Anyway, about the Wiccans, again just a continuation of the original magick of Solomon which has gone through some change in the other orders which lead up to this type. It has been said that Wiccans are very nature and ritual based moreso than any previous order. Considering the fact it still has a similar following to the original magick, it has been deamed as an actual type of magick order, although there are many people who would say otherwise.


    What are some common associations with magick?

Concern for total truth, which is the belief dealing with the inner nature of devotion, mysticism, and mystical experience. A person who has this mindset is known as a student of mysteries.


    The pentacle, now known as a pentagram in modern day, is the first association. There is a pantacle also, which is simply a pentacle that shows personal growth, and is not for use as a pentacle. The pentacle is a five-sided star made with a single continuous line. It's points are equally spaced and often seen inside of a circle. It represents the mysteries of creation and redemption. To carry one shows occult interests, as well as have a link between its location and spiritual forces. Nowadays it is typically silver and worn as a necklace or a chain, although an original pentacle would be known to be made out of brass. It is usually used for banishings, or used in combination with a hexagram and a Mercurial symbol to make the Seal of Solomon, which is used to open a doorway to spiritual forces when invoking spirits. An upright pentacle represents God created, a seeker of spirit, and white magick. An inverted pentacle represents the demonic race created by the angel Samael and Lilith, as well as representing black magick and a materialistic intentions. The pentacle has been used by many religions in the past for representation of different things, which in some cases were actually similar. The following have used it in the past and for the main purposes after:


    •    China symbolizes five elements, wood, firem wind, water, and metal. It also symbolizes a process of change in energy.

    •    In the Western continents as symbols of five elements also, but slightly different from China. Their elements are spirit, fire, air, water, and earth.

    •    In India where technically the five elements are shapes. They are square, circle, triangle, oval, and a wisp in the shape of an elongated s.

    •    The Sumerians used it to represent the four heavenly quarters with spirit being the center. It was also used to represent the 4 divisions of the year into solstices and equinoxes, along with the ritual of regeneration.

    •    The Assyrians later used it in religious and magickal evocations of spirits.

    •    Persian Magi then used it as a symbol to represent their cult/group. Magi means wise man. Babylonians later gave it the name "Star of the Magi," ie "Star of the "Wise Man"

    •    The Jews used it to symbolize their Torah, which held their five books of truth. According to Jewish Mysticism, it is the symbol of the angel guarding the way to the first of the seven heavens.

    •    Even Christians used the pentacle too. They used it to represent the five wounds of Christ during the first 1000 years of the church up until they decided that they started tying it in with the occult. During the time they had it, it became known as the "Blazing Star."


    By the middle ages, it had become a symbol of spiritual wisdom and truth. All in all, the pentagram/pentacle is a representation of inner spiritual nature of a man. It is supposed to represent a complete and perfect wise man as well as assists in certain magickal rights..


    Modern day users of the pentacle typically identify the points with the 5 elements and the Spirit:

    •    Earth - represents stability and physical endurance. (bottom left point)

    •    Fire - represents courage and daring. (bottom right point)

    •    Water - represents emotions and intuition. (right point)

    •    Air - represents intelligence and the arts. (left point)

    •    Spirit - represents the All and the Divine. (top point)


    The five elements of the five points on the pentacle represent the completion of a man inside, a mastery over the elements/chakras of internal alchemy. These five elements are used as representations of things used to cause the progression up through seven purer symbolic metals in a man to come forth up to the point of the philosopher's stone, the legendary purest metal; up to the point of the purest level inside a person. These seven metals are symbolic of the seven centers of consciousness within man as well as to the seven heavens. They are all the same exact thing, as are the seven planets of the ancients, as are the seven chakras, the seventh which is at the crown center of the head supposedly being the entrance to eternity.


    Next in associations is cords, harvest twine, and string dolls are used by true witches. They are known as spellbinders. The ones listed after the pentagram can hold either three blessings, three curses, or three wishes, similar to the idea of the three crosses. Most times the knots, also known as ladders, on these items was made by using a distaff.


    Rituals, which give force form and gives a way of increasing perception. When things are understood from the force it becomes one with his total being and will incorporate itself into everyday life, which will return a person again and again to the original source. These can be things such as using salt habitually by thought to break down existing energiesm or in another word, make something holy with salt. Silver can also be used is rituals if a person does any rituals in their magic. It is typically used to take charge of psychic energy, therefore short-circuiting any others. Again ritual is usually well only through repetitiveness, as the real power behind it is the mind. Ritual simply helps to place the mind into the right spot, so in a way they can both assist the other.


What are the different types of magick and what are they for?

    •    High, which is used for the Great Work, which is a type of personal tranformation.

    •    Low, which is for summoning spirits and also for healing.


What is the Great Work in higher Magick?

    To start off with, alchemy, which the Great Work is a form of, started off being named such from the Greeks. They gave it the name ''chemae'' which means ''refining black earth''. Arabs later on added ''al'' which mean divine spirit. The Great Work is basically the alchemical creation of gold and even the so-called philosopher's stone internally, an attempt to make things right on the inside of a person. These minerals are only symbolic representations though of the work going on inside, the last one up the line being considered to be the absolute purest form, representing a completely pure person if they achieve it. It requires the preservation of knowledge and techniques which enable individual human beings to awaken and recover the knowledge of their true nature, which is something this page is meant to do. It also requires the deliberate efforts undertaken by these awakened individuals to change things for the better. The symbol which was given for the transformation itself was a rose. The rosicrucians combined this with a cross which was a symbol of the material world and salvation. Combined they allowed a symbolization of the opening of the spiritual consciousness in a person whose consciousness was based in the material world.


    The Great Work is different for everyone though, sometimes two or more people having similar paths in life with it. Many people want to know more about that path in life and how to make it better and fitting for them. They can latch onto anything which gives their life a greater meaning. For one person to supply to another person a reason for living is the antithesis of the Great Work, which is to understand it for oneself. If each of us is a little piece of God, and "God wishes to know God", then the whole is to be found in the sum of the parts, and each part has its own role to play. No-one has the authority to define the Great Work for another because it can be like art, a new creation every time, and art is what we do for the love of doing it. It's about being fully alive and continually trying to make the art better with one's own self.


What groups have used higher magick?

By order of their existence and their influence upon the next:


    •    Sumerians

    •    Key of Solomon

    •    Free Masons

    •    Golden Dawn

    •    Rosicrucians

    •    Wiccans


What is the Golden Dawn?

    Golden Dawn, founded in 1887, is an extension of the ancient Mysteries of Light. It was founded by three Freemasons (Mathers, Woodman, and Westcott) and contains a great deal of Masonically-derived symbolism, but has no formal connection with Freemasonry or any of its appendant bodies. It is a society that is dedicated to philosophical, spiritual, and psychic evolution. The goal of the Golden Dawn has always been the continued preservation of the magical tradition. It is the teaching of new initiates, and their continued spiritual growth. It was a preparatory school and an intense training ground into Hermetics, qabalah, alchemy, astrology, divination, inner alchemy, Egyptian magick, scrying, and Enochian magick. This training began with the process of initiation which sets in motion the necessary alchemical fire to transform the inner lead to gold. This spiritual endeavor has been referred to as the "search for the Quintessence, the Stone of the Philosophers, True Wisdom, Perfect Happiness, the Summum Bonum," It is "the Completion of the Great Work." This alchemy cannot be accomplished through the use of a trademark or a mountain of books with "Golden Dawn" printed on the cover. It can happen only through tradition and transmission of the light (create the spiritual version of the Philosopher's Stone) Many of the original Golden Dawn members were Masons (my adoption father was a mason/free mason) almost all modern practical occultism came directly or indirectly from the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, which came from previous orders. The focus of the Golden Dawn material is primarily Western -- i.e. Judeo-Christian, Greek, and Egyptian -- but some Eastern ideas have crept in over the years.


    Like in the case of many other "fringe" or "occult" societies founded in the later years of the 19th century though, the founders of the Golden Dawn adapted the existing allegorical and dramatic framework of Masonic ceremonies when constructing the order. In the Outer Order, both the layout of the Temple and the functions of Officers seem to closely mirror those of the Blue Lodge of Masonry. The names of the grades, as well as the titles bestowed upon initiates, were taken from old sources from the German Masonic Gold- und Rosen-kreutzers, such as Pianco's 1781 book, _Der_Rosenkreutzer_in_seiner_Blosse_. In the Inner Order, the Rosicrucian drama enacted in the initiation rituals is reminiscent of that in the "Rose Croix" degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, and is certainly related to the ceremonies of the_Societas_Rosicruciana_in_Anglia_, from which the Golden Dawn was indirectly spawned.


    Even though the Golden Dawn came in over the Masons, the Masons still existed before, during, and after the peak time of the Golden Dawn order.


What does the Golden Dawn and Wicca have to do with the Key of Solomon?

    •    The Golden Dawn got much of its foundation from the Key of Solomon

    •    MacGregor Mathers, who did the research and prepared and authored the Key of Solomon from seven manuscripts in the British Museum, was considered a real magician and at the turn of the century was head of the Order of the Golden Dawn.

    •    The pentacle/pentagram has been common in all of these. If they all are similar in their ways and rely heavily on the Key of Solomon, then its original use must be the correct way to use it, although it is symbolically used as well in other various magick orders. King Solomon was supposed to have called on dark spirits to do his bidding and needed the use of the pentacle/pentagram.

    •    By and large, Witch magic, Wicca, and its ritual setup is a simplified form of high ceremonial magic in the Western tradition.

    •    In summary, from the Witch’s magickal tools, to the casting and construction of a circle, from the five elements and Watchtowers/Quarters to even the Pentacle itself, to the Book of Shadows to the sacred words in which we use in casting, invoking, and banishing, to the Cone of Power and to the very words of law Wiccans go by stem not from Gardner’s Book of Shadows, which he claimed to have come from some secret coven he was initiated into near New Forest but mostly from the Key of Solomon and The Golden Dawn

Who was Solomon and what was it about him that caused his magick to be followed and what kind of mention has he in christian and pagan religion on the matter?


How does someone achieve the Great Work?

    •    Know that it's a personal journey and that only you effect it.

    •    Work on feeling, as this will be a main effector. Love is the best feeling to work with and can be difficult for some people. This is for the great work only. Hate is another effector in low magick, but mostly has negative outcome.

    •    Practice the relaxation steps and get to know them without paper

    •    Practice the Great Work steps and get to know them without paper

    •    Perform the relaxation steps

    •    Perform the Great Work


    Now, before doing the practice, its best to go through the being saved process first, which is basically just forgiveness for who you are, and ending a lie of the mask to even one's own self. It's kind of a way to stop hiding.. to stop trying to necessarily conform and to stop feeling bad for who you are. It’s given anyway, if you want to look at it historicly with Jesus or by regular history with Jesus, which is the same really. It's very important to not have negative feelings inside when doing any magick, so that’s helpful to know and ease the mind if you don’t already feel innocent of yourself. You do not have to be a believer in god though in order to use these steps. The following steps are generally considered much more pagan these days than anything else once actually getting into the steps beyond relaxation itself.


    This first part of practice is meant to help you get to a relaxed state and to help with prayer/trance in directing more emotion as well as sincerity into it, allowing better concentration. It basically requires something physical to put the mind more into a trancelike state to get it ready to accept the desires the person has and allow them to concentrate on it. These can be pictures or items, and when you get good enough at visualizing something, then that should work to. From there the person basically uses this heightened vision of what they are trying to achieve. The best times to do it would be morning noon and night at bedtime. It is best to visualize yourself daily as healthy, strong, relaxed, etc. for this helping process.


    First you need to get relaxed. So, to get things going, practice daydreaming/visualizing things at the front of the head for about two weeks and up to three times a day. Start off with simple stuff like a shape. To help try to direct your thought to the right spot in the mind, place your fingers to the forehead where your daydreaming thought seems to be coming from. Occasionally practice this still after the two weeks.


    After the 2 weeks is up, you can include it in part of the end of the excercises about to be explained. This excercise basically causes the mind to get a little more trancelike and concentrated, somewhat like the feeling given after a type of excercise such as a set of situps. In this sense, the physical action has an effect on the mental state. With this, you first need to get a slow steady breath, so breath in deep slowly and then breathe back out slowly a few times, but not to extremes.

Next, lay back as flat as you can with little or no clothes on and start with your toes, then feet, then legs, torso, fingers, hands, etc, and just twirl them or lift them, etc, wishing the parts well afterwards and relaxing them. This excercise includes internal organs as well.


    The next excersise actually gets the spirit in the person going more. In order to try to simply have another physical item have an effect on the mind, to have effect on the emotional, is to use tarot cards, which are supposedly a type of divination, atleast when used by the original way the book I got my understanding of tarot from. They are not to be taken as magic items. Cards are not magic. They should be used before the actual prayer of the person. This process being gone through now is also not magic, although it is basically seeming more to me like the idea behind magick and lifting one's self up to god are basically the same. Anyways, in order to use the tarot, just pull out 10 cards at max (meaning you can have less) that you want to wish on yourself or someone else or on something. Burning candles can also help to provide a more spiritual atmosphere. If you don't want to use the tarot and/or candles, then just stay with the next steps. From there, sit up erectly now and continue breathing deep. You should close your eyes. Then you simply imagine at the 'daydreaming point' that you put your finger on earlier, god blessing you or by letting a white ball of light coming down from above and into you where it then pulses out from the heart region to surround you in transparent light. From this point, again continue to practice all these things, better to do daily. You can now either continue reading straight down in order to start on the process of the Great Work, or you can skip down to the dashed line below it and read up on a few interesting low magick type items.


Accomplishing the Lesser Great Work:

    •    First off, building of sexual energy is needed. This can be done by simply not entertaining the sexual desires for a few days, better if a weeks worth.

    •    Next, when it becomes strong enough, you should be in the right state of mind, after doing the practices above on any given day, and feel that energy at the base of the spine. This is known as the energy of consiousness.

    •    Then you should begin breathing excercises again to circulate that energy up the back and down the front, which will clean the psychic channels and cut off inner dialogue.

    •    Then you should raise energy to the solar plexis area, breathing excercises continuing to help this. This area is the higher energy of consciousness, known as will. The energy of the solar plexus which gets made is whats known as vital energy, it is what makes the symbolic substance of lead internally.

    •    Now, let the energy flow between the heart and the solar plexis, the so-called fire center and the water center, until it is purified. In otherwords until it melts out any negativity internally, whats known as the dark soul, the personality. It sounds like going deeper into trance, where you are there but no thought is being put through for anything of the outside world.

    •    Next, raise the energy to the head, which is the highest form of spiritual consciousness, spiritual knowledge. You should continue to breathe in order to continue circulating the energy through all the points. At this point, energy becomes force and is placed up to the next form from lead, mercury.

    •    You should now send and stabalize the energy to the solar plexis. This is considered food for the new spirit body which is produced with each breath in the back of the head.

    •    Then you should generate internal heat, to cause it to go through phases. The immortal embryo will quicken and the ''elixer'' will flow.

    •    Now, let all the energy circulate between all the psychic centers again, and the embryo will be born. Sometimes a feeling similar to something like walking on clouds may occur. Generally a feeling of giddiness occurs for a few days after.


Fullfilling the Higher Great Work:

    These steps are to be carried out after the completion of the Lesser Great Work Steps. It can take many months or years for some people to achieve what the Great Work is for. I am not sure of the signs of completion of the full necessarily, but am sure they are noticeable. The best thing to do is to simlpy continue to work on it daily. I will be giving the Native American version. The Chinese version says to work on it for up to a time of three years. The Native American version out of all of the versions that were collected in a single pdf file was the only one which was understandable though and which made sense. Here are the directions:


    •    Sit with legs crossed, and press the arms under the armpits (left to right) while continuing the breathing. After some ten minutes, both nostrils should be free. Sushumna begins to course, creating a symmetry between Ida and Pingala, and bringing all systems into balance. Drink a cupful of tea for meditation: Mix equal amounts of valerian root and blood root. Put a teaspoon in a cup and add boiling water. Let it steep for about five minutes, then strain it. Add a teaspoon of honey and drink before meditating on the psychic centers. (The valerian has a sedative effect, calming the physical body and easing one into a light trance; the blood root is a toxin which stimulates the Kundalini energy of the root center into increased activity.)

    •    Sit upright and relax. Concentrate on your spine. Inhale and feel the breath fill the spine from bottom (Root) to top (near Brow). When you reach the top of the spine, ejaculate the syllable 'OM' (short o, long m); together with the 'm', consciousness is gliding down the spine. If you reach the bottom before the breath (or the sound 'm') you must feel how the consciousness piles up there like a flow of honey, spiraling up and forming a small mound. Should you arrive later, then wait with the inhalation until you have forced your consciousness down. Then inhale again and begin to rise. The whole process is repeated thirteen times.

    •    Fold your tongue and press its underside against the palate. A. Inhale from the Solar Plexus to the Throat and exhale from the Throat to the Root. If this process comes to you easily, replace it by: B. Inhale and exhale between the Root and the Brow. Repeat this forty-nine times.

    •    Same as #2, but listen to the breath: inhale sounds like 'SO' and exhale like 'HAM". Do not pronounce these mentally, but listen to their sound. Repeat fifty-nine times.

    •    Same as #3, but use 'SO' with inhalation and 'HAM' with exhalation. Begin with exhalation and 'HAM'; this changes the cycle from 'SO-HAM' to 'HAM-SO'. Repeat fifty-nine times.

    •    Up to here, it is permitted to change your position, but from now onwards, you must remain motionless. Do not concentrate on your breath, but listen only to the 'SO-HAM'. From now onwards, awareness of 'SO-HAM, HAM-SO' is following a constant circulation in the spine. Beginning in the Root with 'SO', let this rise up to your head (Crown) through each of the seven chakras (root, spleen, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow, crown) and continue with 'SO' for a short stretch although you start exhaling when 'SO' has reached the Crown. Change over to 'HAM' without interruption and continue again for a short stretch while you have started the inhalation, then change without interruption to 'SO'. The trick consists in bridging the two gaps between inhalation and exhalation. The result is a continuous circulation which, if you succeed without pause, leads directly into withdrawal of the senses from external objects. The whole movement takes place in the spine, with 'So' behind and 'HAM' in front of it.

    •    After withdrawal of the senses, concentrate on the brain, visualizing it as a cubicle room; grope along this with your awareness: at the back of the head is an opening in the floor leading to Sushumna.

    •    Concentrate on your Ishta Devata or your chosen symbol in the Brow.

    •    Each person will find that he can enter the inner labyrinth (after having removed the first barriers) by using one method which corresponds with his own structure and which enables him to reach the final goal. To those who have reached it, all methods are equal. To go deep, you must reject each phenomena, each illumination, each ecstasy, going ever downward, until you reach the last avatars of the symbols that are archetypes. In this sacrifice to the abysmal gods is the apotheosis that transmutes them to the beauty and power that is your eternity, and redemption.


Alternate Helping/Healing Magick:

    Just extend the basic relaxation and light work from above to start with..

    From the dashed line above, imagine the person or thing you are going to pray about and visualize the tarot card or cards over them or it and place the picture kind of at a little distance, imagining a ring around whatever you chose to think about next. Then imagine the light(representation of energy from God flowing through the person by the way) going to the other person or object, but not outside the ring.


    The last excersise is not really an excersise at all. At this point, you simply pray to God from your now "heightened self." An example would be "With the light of God, I ask that this image may be given energy so that it may be realized for me in the material world." When saying your prayer, you should have no doubt, be explicit in what you want and avoid repetitions of words that don't really say what you mean, understand that your source is limitless and not material, smile and relax, keep true goals in mind, don't bargain, understand that if you are deprived of something it isn't necessarily a punishment, try to keep fears out, and ask again and again until you recieve what it is you asked for. Prayers have no set length either. When your prayer ends, thank God.


Side Notes:

This caused the beginning of Christians and Muslims. Jesus came eventually from this Christian side and he and his apostles taught about how to attain the ressurection while living and to prepare to rise through the seven heavens.

-Later on, over half of the scriptures used by paganistic christians were thrown out due to these evolutionized teachings of the god yahweh. Also, at one point there was a great library in Alexandria in Rome. It contained all types of spiritual texts and magikal documentation from all the different religions and all over the world, some of the original texts that came before the Yahwists Jews still being used by the Christians, who had started doing spiritual alchemy still in the early stages of the Yahwists along with a few of the remaining original Jews doing so as well. However, there was a Roman emperor who ordered the destruction of it when trying to stamp out herasy in order to make everyone purely Christian. Herasy at that time meant ''choosing for one's self'', which also was something going against the government. There were some Christians who were able to save some of the texts at that time though.

The workhorses of Golden Dawn magick are the five occult elements: Spirit, Earth, Air, Fire and Water. (It is thanks to the Golden Dawn that the Tarot enjoys its present status and widespread use in practical occultism.) The latter four elements are represented by the lesser suits of the Tarot and it is from the emblems of these suits, the Wand (fire) the Dagger (air) the Cup (water) and the Pentacle (earth) that the four magickal instruments of the order take their design.


Kundalini seems to be a recurrence with most websites viewed on the subject of magick. Old magick used to use these currents in their cyclic manifestation. They are two forms of energy that are said to cycle around the spine. The idea is to bring them together as one and cease outgoing currents and ingoing currents.

2 paths of magick: a person's own or someone else's

7 angels and a dragon throughout the great work



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